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Once Upon a Time

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Aye a
AI Officers
Once upon a time I was sitting in my office, just where I am today, on a bright and beautiful April morning, just like it is today. Suddenly, there was a massive explosion, and I watched the window of my office literally bow into the room. I thought there had been a plane crash and went running outside to see if anything could be done, if we needed to evacuate our building, if I could offer assistance to whoever might need it...

I was more than 5 miles away from the Alfred P. Murrah building on that morning.

I remember.

That is all.
Posted Apr 19, 12 · OP
AI Officers
I remember it like it was yesterday.

I went into the bathroom at work (same building as Aye, 5mi from the blast) and the whole building shook like a crazy earthquake, only louder, and when I stepped back out, everyone was GONE. There was a whole building full of people when I went in there, noone when I stepped out...I was looking around, people's stuff was still there, machines were still running, but no one was anywhere. I thought maybe I had missed the rapture or something, cause I had just read that stupid book about that, so I was gonna grab car keys and go on a looting spree like it was Free Day...but then when I went outside everyone was just in the yard, not rising up into the clouds, and they were watching a pillar of smoke and all the helicoptors heading toward downtown. There wasn't much doubt something was very wrong.
It was a while later when we found out how bad it really was.
I don't think anyone who was in this city that day doesn't think about it sometimes. I didn't personally know anyone who was killed in that blast, but I know people who lost family. I think everyone in the city does.
Posted Apr 19, 12